Teaching Values to Children

Teaching Values to Children

As parents, we are concerned about whether our children will perform well in class or score high marks. But we often forget that these are secondary as the most important thing that we must teach children is values. Without values, children will never grow up to be better human beings and it is based on these values that people identify each other more than the scores. Let us understand the essential values and morals that we must teach children in this paragraph on Diwali.

While there are many values such as honesty, integrity, respect, kindness and the like, discipline is the most significant one. The discipline essay will detail why it is necessary to have discipline in children’s lives. Whether it be in setting goals or achieving success, discipline adds more meaning to your life. It is best to shape a child on the path of discipline from early childhood. A short paragraph on Diwali, the festival of lights, is a perfect example to make them understand the significance of discipline in bettering their lives.

Importance of Discipline

We can define discipline as a quality in people who obey certain rules or adhere to a particular code of behaviour. Let us understand this term with an example. Suppose, a child is watching cartoons on television and the mother calls him for dinner. Now, if the child is disciplined, he knows that his time for watching television is up and that he needs to switch it off to have food with his family. On the other hand, if the child lacks discipline, he would continue to see cartoons without having food or even eat his food while watching television.

In this discipline essay, we will see how this value helps in a child’s growth and development. Sometimes, we associate discipline with strictness but it is not necessarily so. Discipline enables children to be more responsible and it will help them to make better decisions. We must instil discipline in our children so that they can shine in their lives. We can aid our kids to practise discipline at home and school by asking them to dress properly and keep their tasks organised. Through this, our children will be able to comprehend the significance of this value and thereby, achieve success in work and life.

If not for discipline, children’s lives will be a mess and they will be struggling to adjust to their surroundings. This is why we must teach this essential value to children from an early age so that they can lead a peaceful life later.

Learning Discipline from Diwali

Diwali, also called the festival of lights, is the most famous festival of Hindus that is celebrated with great joy and fun. Everyone joins the celebration as the houses light up with small diyas and fireworks. The festival is celebrated to honour the coming home of Lord Rama with his wife Sita after winning against the demon king Ravana, according to Hindu texts. As it is a victory of good over evil and lightness over darkness, Diwali is celebrated with colours, lights, gifts and sweets.

Though Diwali is a festival that calls for merriment and delight, there are many values that we can teach our children through it. Let us understand the true meaning of Diwali and the key values in this paragraph on Diwali. The day of Diwali begins with brahmamuhurta, which happens one and a half hours before sunrise. By training our kids to wake up early, we will be able to help them lead a disciplined life. The early morning hours are considered to be the most productive hours as children will be able to learn subjects faster as their minds are fresh and relaxed during this time. So, Diwali could be a perfect excuse for you to teach children to wake up early and make them disciplined. In this way, we can celebrate the goodness of the festival as well as educate the children about values.